Part freelancer part entrepreneur

It’s a tuff road to hold that’s full of ups and downs. 

I’ve been part freelancer to raise capital to start a business. Also to maintain my disability status. With a few good gigs, I could come up with capital to invest.

I’ve been part entrepreneur to build something long term, and to support my disability.

It’s been a crazy ride, that’s not for the faint of harts. 

I’m happy to see my business become the next stage of my life. I’m also glad to have new topics for my blog.

I want to give the information that people never gave me about business. Entrepreneurship is hard for first time entrepreneurs in part because there’s so much we don’t know about business.

It’s hard to swim with sharks when we don’t know how to swim at first.

 I’m older now, and a lot smarter. I can do this.


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