Neurologically divorce

I have high functioning autism. I’m not less, I’m just different because I have very unique challenges. Challenges that are different then body else’s, coupled with Unique gifts that are different then anyone else’s.

Almost no one can do the things I can do. It gives me a great opportunity to share what I’m doing in my power wash business. While not fearing my competitor. It makes what I do so much better.

Autistic people aren’t less. Many of us can do things better then any one else can. We are very uniquely gifted. The unique gifts, and struggles are very had to define, and is often misunderstood.

I didn’t alway do cool things. I had to overcome confidence issues because I was so different, and I was totally misunderstood growing up. It was A confidence killer.

I wasn’t diagnosed with autism as a child. So there wasn’t an explanation as to why I was different.

I have a lofty goal that no child goes undiagnosed. Autistic people need an explanation as to why they’re different. They also need to fully understand they have unique gifts. They can do certain thing better then anyone else can. They just have to find out what the gifts are. It has to be safe for them to try new things, and to simply be different.


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