What’s Christ done in my life

Yesterday at church I was challenged to tell people what Christ has done in my life, in hopes people would come to church and see for themselves.

So here you go. A while back I was thinking about giving up on life. It was a spiritually pivotal point for me. I was angry, and I was desperate. 

It just so happened the church was in a series called base camp. They used climbing Mount Everest as metaphor for life. Just like climbing Mount Everest, life can be really hard; and we can’t give up. If you give up when climbing Mount Everest you are likely to die.

I got a new outlook on life from the church service. I was was more filled inside with life. 

You see Christ like to fill us up when where empty inside. He loves damage people. Many times when no one else does.

He’s done so much more in my life, like teaching me how a leader leads, and has blessed me with more then enough; but most important I didn’t give up on Life and Christ. After that I was filled with contentment.


Transitioning can be hard

I started out in more of a”Business to business type work, or at lest knowing what the CEO wanted. Now I’m going after business to consumer type business.

In a business to business relationship. The customer wants things on time and within budget. On time and within budget directly affects the customers profitability.

When it comes delivering the obstacles you have to overcome aren’t much of your customers concerns. They want you tuff, and on point in many cases.

Business to consumer in my industry, can be more forgiving. They are more lenient in tuff environments. The tuffness  needed in business to business can be a disconnect in business to consumer.

In your Industry what does your customers want out of you, and how are you meeting their needs?

Aesthetics sell

I’m learning the value of aesthetics. It’s plan and simple aesthetics sell. 

I’ve made some major optimistic purchases in the past couple of years. The purchases were based on aesthetics. They made me feel fuzzy inside. 

I was attracted to thing that shine. We buy the most aesthetics pleasing cars. The best looking tools. We are attached to the prettiest mates.

But sometimes we buy into junk because it looks so good. One of my purchases was a big mistake. Somethings live up to it’s promise, and some don’t.

Beauty can drive first time buyers but word spreads, and if the product doesn’t live up to it aesthetics we dump it with dissatisfaction, and avengeance.

There’s a fine line between over aestheticlly pleasing products and quality.

We probably don’t want to over sell things by making them to beautiful, unless the quality’s all the beauty’s cracked up to be.

There’s probably a marketing lesson in there somewhere.

You are your business 

More people prefer to engage on social media with an individual page over a business page. It’s called social media, and it’s hard to be social with a logo. 

Some brands can pull it off if they engage enough, and the page has personality; but it’s easier with a personal page, or a personal fan page.

As a owner, or a manager you are the go to guy/girl. You are the one people want to talk to. You know all the ends, and outs of the business. You are probably the most passionate one in the business, and when you talk about your business it shows how passionate you are. which is perfect for social media.

When branding on Socia media it’s good when your customer think, “I need this product, or service; so and so’s my go to guy/girl. I see him everyday on Social media. That’s my man.”

Breaking boundaries, and restraints

It’s not an easy thing to do. I’ve done it a lot, but now I’m struggling to reach the next rung on the latter.

Most boundaries, and restraints are in our head. 

We say things like I can’t do it because of some made up reason why we can’t. 

i.e. I’m poor, they won’t like me, i don’t have the right clothes, I don’t know what to do, I’ve never done it before, it doesn’t work that way.

So we don’t move forward. We set and take a pass on opportunities. Things that could really help our cause.

Showing up is key to breaking boundaries and restraints.

The lest confident people slander things they don’t understand 

There’s a lot of ego when saying negative things about issues of discussion. Only if you have a deep understanding of the topic.

But someone without confidence slenderizes things they know nothing about. The topic’s intimidation to them. They don’t have confidence to say there’s probably more here then meets the eye.

A fool believes everything they hear. An idiot repeats what they hear.

So be careful who you listen to. You wouldn’t ask a dentist to tell you about neural science.

I’ve been exile for a longtime. I’ve been all over the country for many reasons, and Local yokels drive me crazy.

Not holding back

It’s safe to be reserved because the only way to not be judged by people is to do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.
It’s also a way to go no where fast. It’s also kind of annoying to me when I want to know someone.

Then there’s those who play everything like a Chess game. Even when making small decisions, they are very slow to make their moves, and It’s very hard to trust them when they do it in conversation.

As entrepreneurs we have to put it out there to be judged. People need to see our work. We need to be trusted when in gagging others. If it’s not a longterm decision it maybe better to move fast. 

The mass market

I’ve been putting some thought into the my social media. 

How did I accomplish the mass market. I still stand firm on my marketing strategy. Although I’ve relaxed a lot. From what I’ve able to see it’s been successful.

It’s good to put thing into perspective, and regroup. I started it this way and I’ll continue.

Distribution is king. Content is the Queen that complements the king. The king influences the Kingdom.