My thoughts on hiring my first employee 

If I had more work then I could do, it would be easy to hire a helper. Someone at a low wage that could help me do the labor. One reason is, it’s cheaper to being on someone to help with the day to day jobs that are very labor intensive.

But I’m thinking of hiring from the top down. Someone who can manage other employees, and work loads too. Someone who can train a team as well. I want to hire for the expansion of a team. 


  • I get to hire the right person, and get a lot of time training them on all functions of the job. Including sales 
  • Money’s not spread thin, so I can take good care of a quality manager.
  • The manager can help me build the business, and his team.
  • Feelings won’t be hurt when I bring a second employee and place them over the first employee.

I have to be financially ready to bring on a team when I make my first Single hire.

It’s probably a no brainer to an experience person to hire that way. But I had to put some thoughts into it.


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