Peace and organizational thoughts

I’ve never had it because I run on about 4.8 hours of sleep every night, for my whole life. My brain never shuts down. So I have about 60% sleep efficiency. Many geniuses have this problem. 

My thoughts are something that comes to me in ways I can’t understand.

They may show up as a staticky voice I hear. Most of the time I have know idea why I do things I do.

I have great ideas that somehow show up and I always forget them.

I leave home everyday and forget things. Sometimes I go in and out the door to get things that I forgot several times in the mornings. I have an excellent memory but no short-term memory.

Small quick and easy processes are hard for me, if I don’t know exactly what to do. For instance checking out at the gas station with a different process then I’m used can be tuff. Or ordering my coffee at McDonald’s can be difficult when I get a difficult cashier.

Social interactions are even worse. I’m a disorganized mess when talking to people. I can engage in great conversations for a total of one minute or so, then I lose social energy.

If you want to know why I’m so different? It’s because I’m a genius, and still do amazing things that change the word, despite all the challenges I face.

Im not bragging. It’s more of asking for understanding. People have called me stupid for most of my life. Up until someone cared enough to figure it out. For that I thank a few special people who noticed that I was smart.


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