Management paces

The pace we manage at should be directly in response to the work at hand. A good pace makes work easier for everyone.

From my past experience for places with short easy tasks, where there’s not that many. A slower pace may be better. Just enough to keep people attentive, but not over lowded with short little tasks that Bog them up. It causes people to chase their tells, and work very unorganized. It’s to easy for a manager to stay ahead of them. 

I traveled around setting up retail stores in the 90’s. Where tasks where longer, and easy. A faster pace was a good speed. It was ok to ask employees to do other assignments before they can complete the task at hand. Sometimes I would talk about strategy too. It’s not so hard to stay busy, and for employees to stay focused. They could mentally prepare for each task.

I worked  many years in construction management, and for longer hard tasks it was best to slow things down, and give employees a break before I gave the next assignment. It was best to have the assignment organized to make the work easier. It was also good to keep morale up by doing a little socializing.

A good manager is in tune with the work at hand, and knows how to keep people doing their best work.

What kind of pace do you set for your teem, that keep them strong, and  focused?


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