Steady returns

The goal of building my business is to get steady returns.

Steady returns beat out a volatile work load every time. It’s like the Tortoise and the Hare. Slow and steady wins the race.

If I work in my business there will be times I have a lot of work, and times I can come up for air, and have to find work. The work load would be volatile.

 I would lose return, and employees during the slow times, and not be able to get all the work done in the busy times.

The business would be a yoyo. Up and down all the time.

If I work on my business I can steadily keep work in the pipeline. I can spend the time scaling, and hiring for more, and more work flow. Therefore growing my busines, and returns. 


Working on the business

When building a lasting business that stands the test of time, it can be better to work on the business; instead of in the business.

When we work in our businesses time is spent laboring and doing the day to day. It’s hard to effectively grow the business. 

We are totally dependent on our sales funnels that we already have in place. Which can fade over time. New leads aren’t being generated to grow the business.

When working on the business we can effectively scale by hiring effectively. We can find new sources of revenue, and grow larger.

Plus if we want to create a business that we can sale there needs to be a management structure put in place. 

Working on the business, and working in the business is the difference between drawing big dividends form a successful business, and drawing a pay check for our labor; in my humble opinion.

The standards we hold for ourselves.

We all hold a set of stands for ourselves. Those’s things become our  reality.

You can spot my standards when I say “I’m not doing that.” When I say that it becomes beneath me.

I often cling to things out of fear. There’s no real danger for me. 

In my personal growth I have to overcome the fears by holding out for better opportunity’s. And better opportunity’s will appear. 

There’s a life lesson in there for everyone to learn because we get the treatment that we allow.

There’s sometimes that we have to humble ourselves, but this isn’t one of those times.

My thoughts on hiring my first employee 

If I had more work then I could do, it would be easy to hire a helper. Someone at a low wage that could help me do the labor. One reason is, it’s cheaper to being on someone to help with the day to day jobs that are very labor intensive.

But I’m thinking of hiring from the top down. Someone who can manage other employees, and work loads too. Someone who can train a team as well. I want to hire for the expansion of a team. 


  • I get to hire the right person, and get a lot of time training them on all functions of the job. Including sales 
  • Money’s not spread thin, so I can take good care of a quality manager.
  • The manager can help me build the business, and his team.
  • Feelings won’t be hurt when I bring a second employee and place them over the first employee.

I have to be financially ready to bring on a team when I make my first Single hire.

It’s probably a no brainer to an experience person to hire that way. But I had to put some thoughts into it.

Stepping out of the Comfort zone

If we live within the confines of the comfort zone we will never grow. We don’t take risks because it’s safe to not have a chance of being rejection.

“If you never ask the answers always know.”-unknown 

By getting out of the comfort zone we lean new things by doing what we’ve never done before. Overtime our confidence grows. We begin to reach new heights.

Today I’m doing things I never thought I could. My customers, future employees, and business should feel the benefits of my personal growth. 

Starting over

I’ve started over many times in my life. About once a year for the past four years, and more times then I can count in my thirty five years of life. It’s been an opportunity to begin again, only a little smarter.

Today I had a chance to look back at some of my old work, and I’m a lot better the I use to be.

I’ve grown mostly in confidence. The more struggles we overcome the more confidence we gain. Overtime we begin to trust our judgment more. We start speaking up when we know we should. We also get tougher.

It’s worth it to put ourselves out there to fail. If we succeed, it’s a win, and we get to advanced to the next level. If we fail it’s a listen worth learning.

Here’s my logo, and business card from a business I failed at back in 2011. I’m going to restart it, but this time a little smarter. If you are in the Louisville Metro area, and need power washing for your home or business, or want to talk business please give me a call.

Starting over

When starting over, you’ve been out there before. You’ve earned at lest a little bit of credit. You also managed to meet people. 

Businesses are built on relationships with people. 

Some people were lessons, and some were blessing. Some were in the background.

Many times it was the people who dragged use down. Often we have to stay away for those individuals who were lessons.

The blessing have openly excepted us. We need to be around theses people. 

The people in the background may or may not respect us. We may have credibility with these people. We need to find out.

Success is built on failure, and it can be easier to start over because when we started out we didn’t know any of them, and now we do. Things are already looking up.

I hope they don’t steal it from me.

Trade shows and showmanship 

When it’s show time. The camera phones are out. The news channel are showing panoramic views, and doing interviews. Visitors are eagerly dreaming about what could be.

The products should be flashy in every detail. The booths  should be flawless. The venders should be dressed to impress.

It’s venders time to shine, and show what thier made of.

Wants out pace income

I’ve been going to the gym, and over hear ignorant conversation about money.

The ingenious part is these people’s wants outpace their income. They never let their income become capital.

Wealth comes from capital gains, and they go to the dealership and buy vehicles that speak for eight years of their income. Income that as capital would almost double in eight years.

They buy homes that the payments account for a larger portion of their income.

The more thier income grows the more they want. The bigger homes they buy, the more expensive their cars become.

Their wants outpace their income so they keep financing things that speak for what could be Capital. They never get a grip on wealth. And they hate the wealthy for thier own Poor decision-making.

It’s makes them look stupid….