There’s no guarantees

There’s no guarantee of success for anyone. Disasters happen. People get sick. People make bad bets. Good things get disrupted.

But success happens to those who try. People who make attempts at investing, (we should all be investing in our retirement), or try starting businesses are the ones who succeed. That weeds out more then half the population. Most settle for a job that’s good enough.

The longer people attempt success increases their odds because continues effort makes use more skillful. We study and learn more. We come up with more feasible ideas. We learne tricks, and the ends and outs. That clears out the field even more.

Not everyone should start business because we can burn out and be left in bed places like extreme poverty. However there are many different ways to succeed. We need the way that’s right for use.

They say the young you are the more risk you should take.

You can’t say I didn’t try. That should be everyone’s attitude. 


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