Consumer confidence

Connsumer confidence or (patriotism) has been what I dreamed about for the eight years of Obama. It never happened, and left people depressed. 

Patriotism like a gold rush. People rush out and buy things they’ve always wanted. Which creates more jobs to serve the consumers. 

We have to build more houses. We have to manufacture more products. We have to hire more people.

Wages rise to get theses people to come to work. People get of the sidelines, and rush out to get new better paying jobs.

For people who dream big start businesses because it’s much easier to sell Products and services to people who have more money.

People give to charity because people are doing good, and want to give back. Charity get to helps more needy people.

More people are working and making more money. So they pay more in taxes. 

And my favorite part is people are happier, and bullish about their future. They spend less time hate on others, and more time building their own empower.

This could take a while to come fruittation we’re setting ourselves up for this. In the Regen economy his policies  didn’t kick in until after his presidency. But we are setting ourselves up for a bright future.


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