Crisis situation

In crisis situation we make very bad decisions. Especially when the situation is complex because we think from our reptilian part of our brain. Which is the Stone Age part of the brain. We ether fight, flight, or freeze. None of which solve complex situations.

Take for instance global climate change. Left wing nut are losing their Composure over something that’s some what  mythological. 

Pollution was at an all time high in the 80’s and 90’s and we where talking about an ice age coming again. The climate has been changing for thousands of years.

To combat climate change the Obama administration created cash for clockers to solve car omissions, and greenhouse gasses.  

He had other agendas too. Like equality, and driving up gas prices to push alternative Energy resources. Cash for clunker undermines both. Now the poor can’t afford a car to get to work, and more efficient cars drove down gas prices by lessening demand.

He had to farther engineer with knee jurk reactions, with led to more bad judgments. His presidency went down the tubs. He dug his hole deeper and deeper.

When we are faced with fear it’s worth stopping and asking ourselves, what all does our decisions effect? How do they effect the rest of our lives?  If we don’t know, it’s worth finding out.


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