China foreign trade

I’m not an expert in foreign trade, but I know about life. And I’ve learned we can’t let people infringe on use.

 China infringes on US patients, and out right counterfeits them. They peg thier Currensy to ours. Which I don’t understand completely, but they beat us in trade. They took our Secret military drone.

They get away with these thing because we let them.

I’ve been dealing with my circumstances for a long time. Employees, bosses and the General public has all infringed on me. 

They’ve heald  things like my job and finances over my head. For a long time I was terrified to stand up for myself because of what I could lose.

The more I stand up for myself the better my life becomes.

We have to stand up against China. We could lose in the sort term; if china block us.

I’ve learned it’s best to scrape bad relationships. Bad relationships weights us down. 

Sometimes there’s consequences for scraping these kinds of relationships. But we will always adapted, and overcome the sort term losses.

Think of it like a bad relationship with debt. We can get the things we want but it comes with long term consequences that wreck us. Scraping debt almost always lead to financial success in longterm.

It maybe scary to lose deals with china, but they lose too. And I believe relations can be fixed, though because we are the largest wealthiest nation. They need us, too.

The best way to lose power is by thinking we don’t have any at all. And longterm we’ll adapt and overcome short term losses.


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