Are you the reason people don’t show up to work

Many places have problems with turnover  and low employee engagement 

Are you the chef cause of this problem?

Do you embrace your employees when they show up ready to work? Anytime a worker shows up ready to work, is cause for celebration in a low pay job like fast food. We need embraced this because it’s so hard to find. The more you embrace, the more they will show up.

Do you let your employees get Involved in their work? In fast food almost no one is engaged in their jobs. It’s something to be embrace because it’s so hard to find. 

When build a large scalable company all these things are important. When building a large company, something bigger then yourself; you can’t possibly do it all. We need to embrace these things, to build a talented company.

Jimmy John’s say’s they got may of their executive from delivery drivers, and sandwich. Their CEO started out working in the store. Talent like that wouldn’t stick around if they weren’t embrace.

Talent isn’t going to stick around if these thing aren’t embraced. There are many other places they could work. 


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