Networks advance markets and people success.

As a child I competed in calling contest. The jackpot’s where small, and they weren’t networked well. People weren’t that involved, and it was a starving industry.

Then my mother started a news letter called the Calling Times. There was no real source where people could get all the information about key people, the winners, and schedules.

Before the Calling Times We I had get in front of news cameras and newspapers to get recognized for our big titles that we won while competing in contest.

About the time the news latter’scame about the calling contest started to boom. People started to follow the winners, and their stories. Sponsors came into the market, and jake pots doubled, and quadrupled because they got recognized. People begain to network better by knowing who’s who.
She used her network to move thing forward, and it was a major advancement. 

The better your network of people the more successful you and your market is the more successful you are.


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