The great illusion

Shallow people think it’s about title and pay with me. The only reason I go there is because people make me compete in those areas.

If they want to compete in those area I have crushed them. And I won’t go around until I can show them.

It’s the art of the works that matters to me, and people like me. People got it confused.

 I’m content with what I have right now. I’m now trying to prove I’m better then anyone. 

It’s there stupidity and lack of vision that makes me discontent.

There mentality doesn’t make a great life, and without discipline leads to property.

I should make them compete on my level. They could do it by answering one question. What’s their grand vision? 

My grand vision would’ve always won because it’s bassed on other people, hard work, and art which all leads to great wealth.


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