Nothing gets better without discipline

If we want more money we have to save with discipline. We also have to earn with discipline. To be good at anything we need to practice with discipline. Being good at life is all about discipline.

Life’s hard and the more we baby and protect weaknesses the more disabling we are for them. It The opposite of this discipline.

The U.S. Army doesn’t train the tuffest soldiers in the world by powdering there butts. We train lean, mean, fighting Machines by being tuff on them with discipline.

Protecting them by giving them safe places is the cruelest thing we could do for them.

I’ve trained myself on many things when I was young. Things like if I skip, or don’t buy this meal, I’ll be in much better shape. Or if I can hold it together working a 48 hour day, I’ll be better off. Or if I can be strong and spend two more hours in 10 degree weather I’ll be ahead of the game.

I had employers who constantly made it tuff on me for my stupid decisions. Sometimes shaming me. People shamed me when I was extremely mentally ill, and did Bizzarre things. I know now it was tuff love, and I thank god for it because coming from my circumstances, you have to be tuff.

All of this has given me the strength I needed to succeed. Life’s tuff, and to make it from the bottom to the top, we have to be tuff, and discipline.


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