With change there’s alway opportunity

I’ve taken many jobs over the years, and have manage to find great opportunities in each of them. Opportunities to change things and advice.

If we keep looking for opportunities we’ll find ways to innovate.  It all comes down to the amount of focus we have.

We have to always look for ways to make thing better, and more profitable. 

It’s hard to do because so many are thinking about Friday, or significant other.

I’ve come up with really great ideas for almost every employer, over these eight years. Some of them where major. 

Time and time again I find ways to get to higher positions. Some ideas are so good they deserve a trip to headquarters of a billion dollar company. 

This is pure liberalism. I’m discriminated against because of my disability, and education level. I should be much better off.

Sorry for the change in topic. My hart just started to leek, and poored  out all over this post.


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