Meta programs

​There’s different meta programs for different kinds of people.

It can make a big difference in marketing. I try to be aware of it when posting content.

Different people have different ways of saying things, and it doesn’t set well with others on different meta programs.

 People can be categorized in many ways. They can be pessimistic, optimistic, motivated, unmotivated, professional, unprofessional, or categorize by industrys.

Certain groups have diffrent ways of saying they want something but can’t afford it right now, and it rubs people on different meta programs wrong.

A Hustler may say “I’ll come back in a little while to buy it.” Which would piss off a fast food worker.

A fast food worker may say “I can’t afford it. It’s way to expensive.” Which would set wrong with Hustler.

A Frugal person might say. “when does it go on sale.” Which could piss of the Hustler because their paying retail.

Just some half backed example.But marketer use meta programs to conect with certain groups of people. 

It’s important to know who you’re talking to, if you want to connect.


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