Becoming a fixture in the Community

So you buy your new franchise, and you have a grand opening. It’s a new service to the community. Word hit the streets. It’s discounted too. Businesses is great for a while. Then it tapers off, and your sales aren’t what they should be.

It’s time for the owner to work on becoming a fixture in the Community with social marketing and social good, or servant leaders.

To do this we need to get involved in the community by finding out what matter to them. Something that we truly car about too. Something like politics, zoning rules, social injustice. Something every comes together to support. 

Its not hard to find because it in the local news parper, time in time again. It’s time to become a player that get in the paper too.

Then we get involved in the good of the concern. We donate to the go of the concern. Then we gain a relationship with the community and what they care about. 

Word spreads, and we soon become a fixture that people support by purchasing good, and services because we support their interests., and concerns.


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