Trust is key

If you read about how this world become developed, and become prosperous for many nation. You will lean trust is key.

Back in the hunter gather age tribes didn’t trust each other. If member of a different tribe got close they killed each other. They had no trust and robbed each other for everything they could stile.

Eventually we became civilized, and tribes began to trust each other enough to make deals. We trusted other enough to trade us food without poison, for a knife. Which lead to a better quality of life for the human race.

It still was dangerous but the standard of living became better as we started to trust each other.

Then government gained power, and made laws to protect personal property. We trusted others more because we had more protection. We dealt with each other more. Then our quality of living started booming. 

We came up with intellectual property laws, where people couldn’t stile our inventions. Then we boomed like never before. People lived longer, and had more money in their pockets.

We could trusted businesses with our property. Employees trusted their employers, and employers trusted their employees to manager their property.

The most wealthiest people, and brands gain trust. You know if you buy Duracell batteries, you get the best. You trust McDonald’s to consistently deliver the same quality coffee for a fair price. Without shorting you. 

In my opinion, there’s something that You can trust about most people, and brands with money.


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