A players vs B players 

A players know what it takes to be A players. They have the true grit within themselves.

They say people can only see characteristics of others if they have the same characteristics within themselves. 

A players often admires the same true grit in other people, and chose to associate with them.

I’ve read a lot about hiring A player, and businesses should bring in top performers in their areas into the hiring process, and discussion making. Even if their lower level employees because they can spot what it takes because they have the true grit that it takes to be top preforming in their area.

Whether it’s an employee that’s more productive then any other employee, or someone who does the best quality work. 

B players are more likely to judge how good they are by looks, and phony talk. They can’t see the true grit that it takes to be the best in their area.


I’m drawn to the pursuit

I’ve love getting up, and going after success.

I love the deal making more than the rewards of the deal.

I love the Philosophy’s behind success.

I’m drawn to the drama that comes with overcoming.

I love to create thing that succeed.

Solo entrepreneurs are on the rise

Solo entrepreneurs are using tech to market their products to larger markets that where other wise unattainable, or unaffordable.

They are making crafts, foods, soups tobacco, wood, and leather goods. They are artists living out dreams of working for themselves.

There are 350k manufacture in the U.S. that the  only employee is theirselves. 

Many want to stay that way. But for others manufactures it’s affordable to hire.

I believe it’s untapped job growth. The undertow of a slow economy is to risky for these people to hire. So they stay tiny.

The U.S. economy’s a collective of all economic activity. It’s a step in the right direction. I love to see people creating art, and marketing it to masses, with passion. 🖖

There’s no guarantees

There’s no guarantee of success for anyone. Disasters happen. People get sick. People make bad bets. Good things get disrupted.

But success happens to those who try. People who make attempts at investing, (we should all be investing in our retirement), or try starting businesses are the ones who succeed. That weeds out more then half the population. Most settle for a job that’s good enough.

The longer people attempt success increases their odds because continues effort makes use more skillful. We study and learn more. We come up with more feasible ideas. We learne tricks, and the ends and outs. That clears out the field even more.

Not everyone should start business because we can burn out and be left in bed places like extreme poverty. However there are many different ways to succeed. We need the way that’s right for use.

They say the young you are the more risk you should take.

You can’t say I didn’t try. That should be everyone’s attitude. 

Consumer confidence

Connsumer confidence or (patriotism) has been what I dreamed about for the eight years of Obama. It never happened, and left people depressed. 

Patriotism like a gold rush. People rush out and buy things they’ve always wanted. Which creates more jobs to serve the consumers. 

We have to build more houses. We have to manufacture more products. We have to hire more people.

Wages rise to get theses people to come to work. People get of the sidelines, and rush out to get new better paying jobs.

For people who dream big start businesses because it’s much easier to sell Products and services to people who have more money.

People give to charity because people are doing good, and want to give back. Charity get to helps more needy people.

More people are working and making more money. So they pay more in taxes. 

And my favorite part is people are happier, and bullish about their future. They spend less time hate on others, and more time building their own empower.

This could take a while to come fruittation we’re setting ourselves up for this. In the Regen economy his policies  didn’t kick in until after his presidency. But we are setting ourselves up for a bright future.

Crisis situation

In crisis situation we make very bad decisions. Especially when the situation is complex because we think from our reptilian part of our brain. Which is the Stone Age part of the brain. We ether fight, flight, or freeze. None of which solve complex situations.

Take for instance global climate change. Left wing nut are losing their Composure over something that’s some what  mythological. 

Pollution was at an all time high in the 80’s and 90’s and we where talking about an ice age coming again. The climate has been changing for thousands of years.

To combat climate change the Obama administration created cash for clockers to solve car omissions, and greenhouse gasses.  

He had other agendas too. Like equality, and driving up gas prices to push alternative Energy resources. Cash for clunker undermines both. Now the poor can’t afford a car to get to work, and more efficient cars drove down gas prices by lessening demand.

He had to farther engineer with knee jurk reactions, with led to more bad judgments. His presidency went down the tubs. He dug his hole deeper and deeper.

When we are faced with fear it’s worth stopping and asking ourselves, what all does our decisions effect? How do they effect the rest of our lives?  If we don’t know, it’s worth finding out.

Life’s hard for some people

They have to complete for popularity in school because they never standout. So they have to make others look bad.

They have to get good grades to be competitive for good job. By make the competition look incompetent.

While at work they compete for raises and advancements by brow beating people down, and keeping them in their place.

All along it was the hard way. When empowering people was the easy way.

People who have it easy seem to care a whole lot about people. People like, and follow people who care about them. 

When we care about people we win popularity. We get good jobs, and we head projects, and teams.

It’s not for me

It’s not for me, it’s for you.

Entrepreneurship is building thing’s that people want, and are will to spend money, time, and attention on.

Customers don’t care about margins, education level, or what kind of car you drive. None of that matters. 

It comes down to can you deliver what people want?

 If you can’t build things for others, you can’t start a business. 

Self centered people have a very hard time starting businesses. 

The law of the world 

God calls us to serve other people. There are many parts in the Bible that say if we serve others we will be blessed. It’s the natural law of the world he created.

While the company man’s worried about being used, that they forget serve. I was serving my boss, and employers like it says to do in the Bible. It lead me to greater success.

I give my art away as a form of entertainment (it serves many needs), and I serve autistic, and disable people; which has lead to great success. My needs are rarely in my work. 

Successful businesses are servants. They serve their customers needs. They serve their employees needs buy giving the jobs.

If they didn’t do any of this they would have no customers, or employees.

The better we serve, the better we will do. It’s the natural law of the world!

Life’s to short

Life’s to short to be around people who don’t matter. 

The definition of people who don’t matter are people who don’t see your worth.

They won’t invest in you, or join your cause. And you can’t join theirs ether. They subtract form your life.

People who matter Know what you’re capable of. They see your good quality. They add to the value of your life.

It’s hard to be forfilled if they don’t get it. They have know understanding of you. And add no value to your life.

For people to see your qualitys they have to have similar qualities in their self. They understand your value.