My story 2

Let me know if you think this is movie quality material.

I travel the country from age 13-15 to trade shows, and competing in contest, where I won the state, grand American, then the world.

When I was 16-17 years old I was kicked out on the streets. I followed the rodeo, and didn’t answer to anyone but my employer here and there. There was recks in the rodeo arena. I stayed where ever I could , and partied almost every night. I followed the rodeo all around the north east part of the U.S. I was robbed at Grand Central Station in Chicago at 3:00am. I was kidnap in downtown Louisville, KY. I was held hostage in New Jersey while doing a rodeo at the Meadowlands where I proformed acts.
Then at age 19 I was a Corporate manager, then got schizophrenia. Which I battled for years. Their a lot of very painful story’s that I may touch on little.

I started a handyman, then a subcontractor business, and last a power wash business.

Then this happened, and I became very famous which many of you know the story’s.

There’s to much to tell tonight on my blog. But I want my story to be one of Inspiration. I want people to realize they don’t have it that bad.


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