This is my story

Follow along as I tell the story of my life, as I live it out digitally. I’m more then a business coach, all though I can give very helpful ideas. I’m more then a dressed up brand, that’s prepped for media. I’m more then a leader, but I do it well. I’m not an everyday, common brand ambassador. I’m much more

You see this is the story of my life. It’s a story of tragedy and triumph. I’m autistic, and have schizophrenia. The story about how I survived these issues gives inspiration to those of us who are fight similar issues. And blessings to those who aren’t facing them.

I’ve lived though some of the worst circumstances most can imagine, and I’ve done it very well. I’ve been on my own every since age 16. And used practical entrepreneurial principles in my life that has enable me to do well, and survive thus far. Therefor teaching and giving people confidence to overcome their struggles. 

I’ve been able to get the attention of some very powerful people by branding and marketing myself. Which has all been demonstrated publicly for others to learn. Which has help many marketers. Many people, and universities are now using my work to teach their Students. As I don’t use knowledge alone. I back knowledge up with wisdom.

I’ve been able to get the attention of multi national brands. And have started story’s, and trends in my Industry, and around the world.

I have a heart of a servant, and really want to teach people better ways to survive, and thrive. I’m not for the rich or the poor. I’m for anyone who wants to do better. 

So please follow along as I hope to entertain you, and give you food for thought. At times I may pull on your heartstrings do to my extremely adverse circumstances.


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