The bounce

This could be a little career advice from my years of observation, and experience with going from job to job. While every job is a little better of an opportunity.

When we are out hustling, or climbing the latters of success. We find our best opportunities, or the best job we’ve ever had. A lot of times it all come unraveled, and we fall. The higher we are the farther we fall. How far we bounce back is what defines us.

We can do things to bounce back or even bounce higher. We have to build platforms all the way up the latter. Something we can fall on, like our network’s, and skills. 

The best kind of network is in the Industry. So not only are we known within our company’s, but by others in the industry. Any trade shows, and events are an opportunity. If we fall out with our company, we are known. You should have a good idea where to look for comparable work, and they may pick you up, and possibly take you higher.

It’s always great to have contingency plans for when things go south. 

Skills are another platform. We should develop new skills at every level and stage of our life. These are thing we can fall back on, and people should know that we know them. Social media, and blogs are a great way to let people know.

Life is much more then a nine to five, and when we lose our grip, and fall; we don’t have to fall to our deaths. With hard work it can only be a minor setback.


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