Fear is a killer

Fear’s a killer of our best work. When we get scared we think from a part of the brain called the reptilian brain. It’s the dumb part of our brain, and we have three types of behavior when we are thinking from it, we fight, flight, or freeze. Sometimes all three. Which has no value unless were being mugged or eaten by a bear.

When thinking from the reptilian brain, we have a hard time doing technical things. I know I have a hard time creating social media content. That’s been my problem lately. It kill’s our best work, and we can’t do well if we’re scared.

 People who live in poverty are often scared and don’t do well becuese that’s where they think from. It sure makes me think different about how to treat people in poverty because it their circumstances., and not who they are. Many work issues can be solved. I’ve learned a few neuroscience techniques that help them, and me do better work while working together. 

To do our best work we need to be in our prefrontal cortex. Which is our smart artistic part of the brain. We solve problem correctly, and overcome complex issues when we think from our smart brain. 

Our work has been becoming more technical over the years, and management styles have changed to help use do these task’s better. We now use neuroscience to keep people from being scared. Therefore putting use in their prefrontal cortex.

It’s worth taking the time and leaning about If you’re a manager. It could make your life easier, and make your employees  happier. There’er some many applications we can use it on. We can use it in ways to give people confidence to make their own decisions, and free up our valued time. As a company, as a whole we can use it to overcome inflection points.


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