With love and understanding 

Life’s can be tuff for people with autism. Many aren’t willing to give use a chance based on our corks. 

Although many of use are very gifted, others can’t see it. We could be the best in the world at what we do, but don’t get chances. We can bring so much value that would take our employers far beyond their wildest dreams, but they don’t trust use to do the small things.

Many of use never get to reach our full potential because we are deemed disabled. It’s sad to have all that brilliance that we can bring to the world if we could only work.

I should know. I wasn’t given many opportunities at work. I was wrote off in my parents family business for wanting to do many things I do now that have made me such a large brand. Many employers wrote me off as stupid. I was deemed disabled and wasn’t able to work on a meaningful career.

It’s sad to set in our heads with all that brilliance, and never get to use it. All we need is a little love and understanding. We can change to world because we think different.


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