Work is it the enemy

Work isn’t the enemy. It’s the only means to prosperity. It’s been this way since the dawn of time. Christ talks about work positively too.

 The lazy and unwilling to work have always parished. They do without, and suffer from depression. People who draw Government entitlements instead of working always suffer, and over time become mentally, physically, and emotionally disabled.

The people willing to work have always progressed. They live heather, and eat better. They also feel better about themselves.

I’ve been working since age 12. Then I got my first 40 hour a week job at age 15. It feels great for me to accomplish things. It feel great to set goals and hit them; whether at work or financially at home.

As a society we have to be careful who gets entitlements. We don’t want willing, and able people to become disabled. 


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