Teams at all levels 

Teams at all levels can be high performing. They can surpass all measurements of productivity, and quality.

Most people are placed in their jobs because they are qualified. They are place for many reason. Reasons like aptitude,and competence. We are hiring the right people all we need to do is get out of their way.

I should know because I’ve lead teams in construction, farm work, and retail, who’ve beat all measurements all my working life. 
It all starts with how we treat each other. If you treat people like high performing, competent people; they will live up to your treatment. They feel valued, and feel respected for who they are, and their ability’s 

Over time they’ll become self advocating, and will make all the right decisions about their job.

It’s a beautiful thing when your leading a competent, high-performing team. Everything works well, and the bosses smile.


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