Failed policy is fail policy

Here’s a little flawed logic. Liberal policy’s fail, and for liberals the answer is always more liberalism.

The protesters are apart of every child gets a trophy. It makes them weak and unable to handle life if their not in constant recognition for trying. They often suffer from debilitating depression.

Colleges and universities (mostly Ivy League) are giving students time of to Cop with Trump winning. There will be worse things happening in their lives without time off. For instance deaths of loved ones, car accidents, loss of jobs, home invasion, and so on.

If I was seeking power, whether it be politically, or in the work force, Liberals people from Elite colleges will be one less thing to worry about. They aren’t being given the skills needed to survive in life. For peope in ivy colleges to not be able to Cop is sad. But it could be the biggest redistribution of wealth ever.


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