Learning the applications

I’m self educated almost from the beginning to date by online information. 

Starting out, it was easy to get lost in all the vast amount of information on the web, but you have to start somewhere. 

A good starting point is where your at. If you need to market yourself, study how to market things. If you need money to get started, study finance and budgeting. What ever you need, learn it.

Watch shows like Sharktank, and many others. And apply what you know too the situations on the show’s. While you contently learn. 

The key is to make everything you learn applicable to every situation you hear about, read about, or watch.

If you talk to much in the begaing you’ll sound like a fool. Just like I did…. But as time goes on you’ll become more affluent, and educated. 

Doing things is the best way to learn. So as you learn put it to good use.


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