A players

Busness can be more about the people we work with more then the product, if you want to reach the next level. The product gets use off to a fast start, but it the people who take it higher.

We need A player’s to reach the next level. People who have it what ever it maybe. People who are a lot better than ourselves at what they do. People with intelligence, connections, money, and power.


Good employees begin and end with management.

A failed employee is always managements fault. 

If an employee doesn’t know what to do and gets in trouble for standing around it’s managements fault.

If an employee doesn’t do his job right it means they aren’t trained well. It’s managements fault, and training should be repeated.

The Quality of our employees begans and end with management. Management is always responsible for the success of there employees.

Some people evolve and reinvent 

Some people evolve, or change so quick that they never get to feel the real benefits of the evolution.

I’ve reinvented myself many times, and I’ve found the slower the evolution the greater the benefits,are felt from past and present.

The best is when we reinvent our selves, we don’t totally scrap the past. We take the best part with use to the present self.

My story 2

Let me know if you think this is movie quality material.

I travel the country from age 13-15 to trade shows, and competing in contest, where I won the state, grand American, then the world.

When I was 16-17 years old I was kicked out on the streets. I followed the rodeo, and didn’t answer to anyone but my employer here and there. There was recks in the rodeo arena. I stayed where ever I could , and partied almost every night. I followed the rodeo all around the north east part of the U.S. I was robbed at Grand Central Station in Chicago at 3:00am. I was kidnap in downtown Louisville, KY. I was held hostage in New Jersey while doing a rodeo at the Meadowlands where I proformed acts.
Then at age 19 I was a Corporate manager, then got schizophrenia. Which I battled for years. Their a lot of very painful story’s that I may touch on little.

I started a handyman, then a subcontractor business, and last a power wash business.

Then this happened, and I became very famous which many of you know the story’s.

There’s to much to tell tonight on my blog. But I want my story to be one of Inspiration. I want people to realize they don’t have it that bad.

This is my story

Follow along as I tell the story of my life, as I live it out digitally. I’m more then a business coach, all though I can give very helpful ideas. I’m more then a dressed up brand, that’s prepped for media. I’m more then a leader, but I do it well. I’m not an everyday, common brand ambassador. I’m much more

You see this is the story of my life. It’s a story of tragedy and triumph. I’m autistic, and have schizophrenia. The story about how I survived these issues gives inspiration to those of us who are fight similar issues. And blessings to those who aren’t facing them.

I’ve lived though some of the worst circumstances most can imagine, and I’ve done it very well. I’ve been on my own every since age 16. And used practical entrepreneurial principles in my life that has enable me to do well, and survive thus far. Therefor teaching and giving people confidence to overcome their struggles. 

I’ve been able to get the attention of some very powerful people by branding and marketing myself. Which has all been demonstrated publicly for others to learn. Which has help many marketers. Many people, and universities are now using my work to teach their Students. As I don’t use knowledge alone. I back knowledge up with wisdom.

I’ve been able to get the attention of multi national brands. And have started story’s, and trends in my Industry, and around the world.

I have a heart of a servant, and really want to teach people better ways to survive, and thrive. I’m not for the rich or the poor. I’m for anyone who wants to do better. 

So please follow along as I hope to entertain you, and give you food for thought. At times I may pull on your heartstrings do to my extremely adverse circumstances.

Good branding is a culture

Good branding isn’t only for our customers. Good branding is a company culture. It lets our employees know how to do their jobs.

When there’s no doubt about decisions employees should make, based on the company brand everyone benefits.

The customer benefits because the brand is the reason they by our products. They expect us to live up to our brand. If we didn’t we would be lying to the customer, and letting them down.

Employees have less questions about their jobs, and what they should do. It puts many fears to rest. 

The company benefits holistically because everything works in uniformity.

With no turkey to call my own

As my stomach grumbles, I set here all alone, with no turkey to call my own.

I check my news feed so I don’t feel all alone. Turkeys everywhere. Some are even picked to the bone. 

Restaurants are all close. With no way to get a turkey I can call my own. 

Next year I’ll plan ahead, and I won’t have this tone.

The bounce

This could be a little career advice from my years of observation, and experience with going from job to job. While every job is a little better of an opportunity.

When we are out hustling, or climbing the latters of success. We find our best opportunities, or the best job we’ve ever had. A lot of times it all come unraveled, and we fall. The higher we are the farther we fall. How far we bounce back is what defines us.

We can do things to bounce back or even bounce higher. We have to build platforms all the way up the latter. Something we can fall on, like our network’s, and skills. 

The best kind of network is in the Industry. So not only are we known within our company’s, but by others in the industry. Any trade shows, and events are an opportunity. If we fall out with our company, we are known. You should have a good idea where to look for comparable work, and they may pick you up, and possibly take you higher.

It’s always great to have contingency plans for when things go south. 

Skills are another platform. We should develop new skills at every level and stage of our life. These are thing we can fall back on, and people should know that we know them. Social media, and blogs are a great way to let people know.

Life is much more then a nine to five, and when we lose our grip, and fall; we don’t have to fall to our deaths. With hard work it can only be a minor setback.

Fear is a killer

Fear’s a killer of our best work. When we get scared we think from a part of the brain called the reptilian brain. It’s the dumb part of our brain, and we have three types of behavior when we are thinking from it, we fight, flight, or freeze. Sometimes all three. Which has no value unless were being mugged or eaten by a bear.

When thinking from the reptilian brain, we have a hard time doing technical things. I know I have a hard time creating social media content. That’s been my problem lately. It kill’s our best work, and we can’t do well if we’re scared.

 People who live in poverty are often scared and don’t do well becuese that’s where they think from. It sure makes me think different about how to treat people in poverty because it their circumstances., and not who they are. Many work issues can be solved. I’ve learned a few neuroscience techniques that help them, and me do better work while working together. 

To do our best work we need to be in our prefrontal cortex. Which is our smart artistic part of the brain. We solve problem correctly, and overcome complex issues when we think from our smart brain. 

Our work has been becoming more technical over the years, and management styles have changed to help use do these task’s better. We now use neuroscience to keep people from being scared. Therefore putting use in their prefrontal cortex.

It’s worth taking the time and leaning about If you’re a manager. It could make your life easier, and make your employees  happier. There’er some many applications we can use it on. We can use it in ways to give people confidence to make their own decisions, and free up our valued time. As a company, as a whole we can use it to overcome inflection points.

Autism awareness

I wasn’t diagnosed with autism until my early 30s. Life’s been challenging to say the least. I never really had socializing relationships, or friends. I was never Bullied, but I never could connect with people. And most people really never understood me. I struggled throughout school, which I’m very intelligent and learn very quick. 

When I was 19 I developed schizophrenia. Which people with autism are more likely develop schizophrenia. I struggled for years because I never understand my symptoms of schizophrenia wasn’t real. I could’ve come to terms sooner, and dealt with schizophrenia better. If only understood that I was autistic, and more likely to get schizophrenia.

I don’t want people to go though the hell I’ve been thought.  So my goal is to raise autism awareness. It’s very personal to me. At this point in time, with all the media we have that can be used to raise autism awareness, and used to teach teachers how to recognize autism. There’s no excuse for failure of diagnosis autism as a child. No child should ever slip though the cracks.

Please help me in my fight to never let a child go undiagnosed. Every like and share on Socia media helps tell my story to the world. 

Thank you for your support.