People and their pessimistic view of other people

People like to look down on other people because it makes them feel better about themselves. So they take a pessimistic view of others.

It run rampant in the psychiatric industry. Time after time I read about psychiatrist and their pessimistic view of people with autism. Time after time autistic people prove them wrong, by high achievements.

I have autism and schizophrenia, and I know how I overcome schizophrenia. It’s a mind set, along with drugs. Basically I reprogrammed my thinking, and coping skills, along with a little self medicating.

I manage to work long hard 12 hour days, while having strong symptoms of schizophrenia; which is unheard of. 

Psychiatrist Shirley have a pessimistic view, and can’t believe I did it. 

Isn’t it time we look at people for all they can be, and stop talking about what they can’t be. Which in part is reciprocation.


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