Little Karl isn’t so little anymore

Everyone called me little Karl growing up. I was a little guy. I wasn’t destined to become what I am now. I use to expect to earn a good living by being passive. I made open ended deals on a firm hand shake. With a trusting servant’s heart. I did people right. 

I still do people right, and seek to serve them, but now in a different manner. With a attitude if you will. Years of battles made me tuff. I stay ahead of them, and fully expect them to hold up to their end of the bargain. If not there’s contingencies.

I tried to get in on everyone’s deals. Time after time I was told about what I don’t have. So I worked my butt of to earn money for these thing. Time after time I would start to get ahead, and someone would raise prices. Or I would get stiffed. Sometimes I would have to look for a new place to live. And loose it all over and over again.

I watched a friend and mentor get stiffed out of a million dollar Real estate deal they invested two years in. Then get stiffed out of a $50,000 draw by bankruptcy. 

It took a toll on me. I soon leaned I had to be tuff, smart, and always on top of my game. 

As a result little Karl, ain’t little Karl anymore.


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