Snap (food stamps)

Here’s the deal! I’m on social security disability, and money’s really tight right now. So I started thinking about getting food stamps, so I applied for them. They sent me a letter saying I will receive $16 a month. I kind of laughed, because I could come up with an extra $16 a WEEK very easy by doing minimal extra work. almost anyone could. In Normal circumstances, which my situation is so bizarre that it’s no applicable. But what the hell it free.

Now my finances have changed, and I’m having trouble getting ahold of them to stop sending them to me. The consequences of not repporting my situation is imprisonment, and probably a felony.

I’ll never understand why people vote for food stamps, over a jobs. Now I’m facing becoming a Felon for a free $16 a month. I  understand people fall on hard times, and  some Single mothers need them. But thing’s are bad for me, but almost any normal person could come up with an extra $16 dollars a month. Without the possibility of going to prison.


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