Our biggest fear

Our biggest fear is not fiting in. 

From the beginning of the human race’s time, it was safe to fit in. If we didn’t, we would be shunned from the tribe and be eaten by a wild beast, or killed by other tribes. It’s a basic survival skill that’s in our DNA.

I was born different because of my autism. I was shunned form my family at age 16 because I wasn’t understood. We need more acceptance of people who are different. Autistic people love and have feeling like everybody else. And want to belong.

People with autism are often very smart, and can do amazing things. But to often they spend their life fighting for acceptance. I wasn’t diagnosed with autism. If I would’ve there may have been more understanding. And life would’ve been so hard.

I want to fight so no child has to live as hard as I have. In this point in time with all we know, there’s no excuse for people to go undiagnosed with autism.


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