Being emotionally invested

The difference between me,
and others is what we invest emotionally. They don’t invest emotionally for two reasons. 

1. It’s to risky to put themselves out there to be judged by all.

I’ve found the best people I could find, and I rain all my abstract ideas by them. I used humor to make my ideas agreeable. I really put it out there. What was the worst they could do to me? Fear is the main reason why people don’t go out on a limb.

2.Their lazy because it takes a lot of thought, and effort to invest emotionally.

When I get an idea I work it over and think of all the possibilities. Sometimes I work so intense I’m incapacitated by the focus on the idea. When we Connect with people, we are giving away our energy. It take a lot of energy to hit a homerun.

The best way to start discovering yourself is by starting with things that agitate you, and you want to change. Something you can invest in emotionally.

Best wishes to you on your endeavors!


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