The family structure is most important

The legal system is very important. This country would be an absolute disaster without it. Many children would be harmed. The problem is there’s not enough people to fully evaluate the situation to hand down proper punishment.
Especially when it comes to disrupting a child’s life. The child can be held a victim. You all know what I’ve done for Aubrey. You all know how important I’ve been in her life. None of that was even considered.
The judge, or CPS doesn’t truly care enough to leave much of her life in tacked. There are so many cases and too
few people.
It’s present your case, judgment, next; Over and over again. I’m not saying
it’s all wrong, but in every family there’s a structure, and it should be left in tacked as much as possible.
Some very smart people know every detail of how important I am to Aubrey. Who’ve watched this over the years. They understand… Some are psychiatrist, therapist, and social workers. If the child was the most important, it would be in consideration.
Thank you for your time!


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