Becoming likable and more effective.

Most of the people we come across in our day to day are working. They may or may not like their jobs. They may have troubles at home which can put them in a bad mood. 

It’s always fun to deal with people who are happy and like their job. However we have to accomplish our goals by going through, and dealing with people.
By understanding where others our coming from with their attitudes we are more effective, and likable. If your asking people to do things for you it’s about them, not you. 


  • Take your order at a restaurant, 
  • process something, 
  • apply money to an account, 
  • complete an assignment. 
  • Etc..

 Other wise you are at their basic requirements for dealing with the individual. Depending on company standards for customer service what you get accomplished can be awful.

 But to accomplish more then the minimum, we have to make it about the grumpy person. Lol 

With hard work, and understanding by knowing what to work on, we can all improve our likability and therefore our level of effectiveness. 


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