The things I’m grateful for

It’s very hard times right now; for me.I have nothing right now. I’m stripped down to my most basic form. So I’m going to write down what I’m grateful for, as a form of reinforcement.
For the most part I’m happy giving the circumstances.

I’m grateful that I don’t envy much. I see people who have a lot and envy for what they don’t have. Them people will never be happy.

I see humor in so much. Which means I get in a few laughs a day.

I get more, and more love, and respect everyday for my work.

I see more discontentment in my enemies then I’ll ever have.

This is me in my most basic form. It’s the foundation for happiness that I’m built on. Hard time’s will pass but a solid foundation for happiness will with stand the storm.


The value vs the have

Liberals only see the have. Their infatuated with what others have. They only care about how the created lives. Their willingness to bring down the value to get even with the have. It’s destructiv to the value.

They don’t see the value of the creation. The value is what the creation brings to the world. I.e. jobs and great thing that are pleasant, or affordable substations.

If we stop concerning ourselves with what others have. And care more about the value their creation brings to the world, we will be in a lot better shape

Making connections

Successful brands make connections with people. The connection makes people feel some kind of way. The Spectrum of connection goes all the way from bad publicity to good publicity.

I rode in rodeo for a 1 1/2 years. Rodeo’s most loyal followers come to See specific Cowboys, and cowgirls ride. The cowboy that made a connection with them. The Cowboys had their own personal brand. Some where the bad boys of rodeo, and some where really good guys, or the sweetheart’s and all in between.

A product or brand must make a connection to be successful. The consumer can feel relevant, or relieved. They can feel happy or sad. They can feel like they’re buying into the smartest, funest, or best way.

But to scale there has to be a strang connection between the brand and your customers.

People and their pessimistic view of other people

People like to look down on other people because it makes them feel better about themselves. So they take a pessimistic view of others.

It run rampant in the psychiatric industry. Time after time I read about psychiatrist and their pessimistic view of people with autism. Time after time autistic people prove them wrong, by high achievements.

I have autism and schizophrenia, and I know how I overcome schizophrenia. It’s a mind set, along with drugs. Basically I reprogrammed my thinking, and coping skills, along with a little self medicating.

I manage to work long hard 12 hour days, while having strong symptoms of schizophrenia; which is unheard of. 

Psychiatrist Shirley have a pessimistic view, and can’t believe I did it. 

Isn’t it time we look at people for all they can be, and stop talking about what they can’t be. Which in part is reciprocation.

Doing hard things

The hard things are easy to spot because that’s where you can find the most growth when you look at all the opportunities, or fixes of bad situations.

Successful people tackle hard things. Four instance: “I need a large amount of investment capital. I will get the Capital I need by making tuff decisions about how I spend, and earn.” This is a big one. “If I get this done life will be easier!” The bigger the if, the better the opportunity will be. 

It’s easy to stay busy all day by tackling little easy things, but there’s no real opportunities in them.


The way we treat people is almost always reciprocated back to use. You treat people like professionals they treat you like a professional. You give respect, and they give you respect back. 

If you treat employees like competent people who’s highly qualified, they dont want to let you down. After all they know you believe in them, and they’ll live up to your treatment.

I was passive (growing up) towards people and it was reciprocated back to me. They passively dealt with me. I was the least of their concerns.

Little Karl isn’t so little anymore

Everyone called me little Karl growing up. I was a little guy. I wasn’t destined to become what I am now. I use to expect to earn a good living by being passive. I made open ended deals on a firm hand shake. With a trusting servant’s heart. I did people right. 

I still do people right, and seek to serve them, but now in a different manner. With a attitude if you will. Years of battles made me tuff. I stay ahead of them, and fully expect them to hold up to their end of the bargain. If not there’s contingencies.

I tried to get in on everyone’s deals. Time after time I was told about what I don’t have. So I worked my butt of to earn money for these thing. Time after time I would start to get ahead, and someone would raise prices. Or I would get stiffed. Sometimes I would have to look for a new place to live. And loose it all over and over again.

I watched a friend and mentor get stiffed out of a million dollar Real estate deal they invested two years in. Then get stiffed out of a $50,000 draw by bankruptcy. 

It took a toll on me. I soon leaned I had to be tuff, smart, and always on top of my game. 

As a result little Karl, ain’t little Karl anymore.

Feeding the hungry

Christian missionary in china wrote: “Any man of genius is paralyzed immediately by the thought that his efforts will bring him punishment rather than reward.” 
That man of genius maybe the next Steve Jobs, and hire 115,000 employees, or put the employees children though college, put a roof over their head, and food on the table.
Why does government want to demonize these people by making them public enemies. The prosperity of earth’s people depend on them.

It’s Monday 

It’s Monday and no matter what we’ve got to push on

No matter how much we don’t want the beautiful fall weekend to end. We’ve got to push on.

No matter how much fun we had spending with our loved one at hunted houses, and Punkin patches. We must push on.

The week is our chance to create something wonderful. We will push on.

In the week we have the opportunity to fabricate the life of our dreams. We are pushing on.

It’s all down hill, up until Monday. 

Social media business plan/campaign

Insight into this florist business. Flowers For Hopeless Romantic, LLC. is a middle of the market florist. We deliver flowers, and have quality flowers with lower end flowers as well. We offer seasonal products as too, that complement our flowers. We are locate in a middle-class neighborhood. And have seasonally adjusted Products. We’ve continually used Socia media for social marketing, and advertising. We are spending money to getting ready for our biggest day of the year. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day campaign overview 

We want to offer three giveaways of a retail price of $100 Bouquet , along with a dinner for two at the the most intimate restaurant we can find that will partner with use. 

We will execute these giveaways within the three weeks before valentine’s day week. The prizes will be given away four days before Valentine’s Day in a drawing. 

Our strategy is to reach as many people as we can within a 15 mile radius of our shop, on Facebook. It’s as far as we deliver. We will try to do this without spending costly dollars to boost posts because Facebook charges for impressions, and we want real engagement, and strong recognition from people who want our product. 

We will get more people to like our page organically. Which will lead to a long term client relationship for many years to come.

Chain of command

Owner: Paula Loveless

Paula will approve all content. 
She has full control over every function of social media site by holding all master passwords, and controls what others have access to. She controls all spending to boost Posts. 
If any negative PR shows up she will approve the handling of any interactions with this person. Beyond Smoochy’s attempt to simply asking the agitated person to message Flowers For Romantics.

Low level admin: Smoochy Hugs

Salary: $13 hour

Hours: 8:00am-8:00pm for the duration of Valentine’s Day campaign

Days: Monday-Friday 

Weekends two hours broken up into half hour Monitoring all accounts.

Office: Next to Paul’s office

Smoochy posts to the social media site.

She will handle Messages in a friendly helpful manner.

She will check the site at lest ever 45 minutes throughout a 12 hour day Monday though Friday, and log and write down all participants it the giveaway.

She will schedule posts for every two hours. So that they run 24 hours a day.

She will log post that get’s engagement, and what’s working. Then keep create similar content.

She handles questions in a friendly manner.

Smoochy will promptly notify Paula of any thing that’s not going right. i.e. Bad PR, unhappy clients, security breaches she will get Paula’s approval on any handling of the situation.

Socia media campaign brick-and-mortar business integration


The cashier will make every customer aware of the giveaway. Then offer a business card, while pointing out our Facebook Address. 

The cashier will make the customer aware of the advice we give on our Facebook page about planing valentine’s Day for their special someone.

Delivery driver

The delivery driver will make every customer aware of the giveaway. Then offer a business card, while pointing out our Facebook Address. 

The delivery driver will make the customer aware of the advice we give on our Facebook page about planing valentine’s Day for their special someone.

Business partners

We will seek out partners that offer valentine’s Day promotion, and promote one another on our Socia media pages. By doing this we will gain organic growth without paying to boost our content. And gain awareness of Flower For Hopeless Romantics to a much larger audience. And hopefully gain corporate customers. (marketing plan coming soon)

We hope to get favorable deals on our three dinners for two, that we are giving away.

We will offer as many strategic ways to plan Valentine’s Day for our clients/audience. Many of them will involve our partnerships.

We hope to boost sells of are complementary products. While creating a win-win situation for our partners. 

The Giveaway, and rules

To be qualified our clients/audience must like our page, and tag their significant other and leave a comment about what their significant other means to them.

Each giveaway will last one week. Totaling three giveaways leading up to the week before Valentine’s Day. The Giveaway’s will start on a Monday at 8:00am and run though Friday at 5:00:pm of each week.

We hope to grow our page significantly.

Content, content language

We will have a positive voice by using words like: love, Beautiful, smoochy, scrumptious, helpful, passion, propose, hugs. All content must have variation of these words in them.

We will mostly post infographic pictures

All infographic post will have our storefront address.

We will post many posts that show street maps or a street view of our location. We want people to know when they are close to our storefront.

We will pay attention to what’s going on geographically, environmentally, and socially to make content that represents these thing positively.

Smoochy will post content that is helpful to our clients/audience by promoting all our products that we have to offer. We want to take an active role in planning valentine’s Day for he/she. In hopes of building long-term clientele.

Content will be targeted for both genders. But Women are more active on social media. A 70/30 mix should be a good place to start. We will lean towards women because they are more active on social media.


We handle every disgruntled employee and customer with utmost professionalism. We try to make everything right if there are any doubts. As a form of contingency. We will hold these’s things in our records, for our advantage.

Bad publicity will be handled on a case by case basis. Some cases our so ignoramus that they won’t Connect with people and lead to catastrophic outcome.

But first thing smoochy’s (Account admin)  will do is try to get them out of public and get them sending us messages. Then Paula will be notified immediately.

If warranted we will give them something to make up for any of our wrong doing.

If the issue persist publicly, we will publicly clarify in a positive way how we tried to make it right for everyone to see. We our a business that handles our clients, stakeholders, and vendors with integrity and respect.

Last resort we block them.

Campaign contingency

If the campaign fails, and we have inventory in excess. Depending on how much we will run a bad boy/girl campaign 1-3 days after Valentine’s Day. The more we have the sooner the campaign will start. 

We will offer 50% bigger bouquets for the same price. We don’t want a bunch of excess inventory going bad.