Know they self

Know they self helps when getting lost in the woods. Which then translates into decision-making in business. I promised to tell my storys about my adventures in the country. So getting lost in the woods taught me about myself.
Today I went out scouting for squirrels. I walked up this massive hill to get to some oak trees. Squirrels love acorns that grow on oak trees. 

This was the first time I’ve been to this spot. While going up the hill I veered to the left because it’s easier to clime. Coming down the hill I decided to go straight down the hill. So I would know where to enter the woods in the morning and go straight up the hill to the oak trees. By going straight down I was lead to a Valley. 

First mistake: I looked over at the ridge on the other side of the valley. It was way to steep. I knew I should’ve turned around and when back up the hill. The valley lead me around a hill going south when I should’ve been going west.

Lesson: I should have trusted myself and sound thinking. I mean I knew I was right. But my internal compass or the way I felt I was going the right way.

Second mistake: ofter walking a mile in the wrong direction I remembered I have a compass on my phone. I still went the wrong way because it looke and felt right. I knew better. I defied all sound advise from the compass, and don’t trust myself.

I justified what felt right because as a young man I rarely got lost. I knew it all… I was taking you all on something I knew inside and out. 

The moral of the story is: I should of trusted myself, and emotions will sometimes lead me wrong.


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