Doing it yourself vs having a professional do it 


  • Done in a week
  • Done right
  • Passes inspection
  • Cost 40% more
  • I’m free to work and possibly earn more then it cost

Do it yourself

  • It would take multiple weeks maybe even a month.
  • Don’t have to fight with people to get it done
  • I don’t have to haul materials and drive 300 mile’s all over the country
  • It may not pass inspection because I don’t know what I’m doing
  • Cost 40% less
  • I could loose money by being tied to this job

I’m going to pay a professional because life’s to short. I don’t want to fight.


Gathering Information

Gathering information
You can never have too much information in a crisis. Say your car breaks down. And you call on friend and family to help. There’s a lot of things that need to be figured out.

  • Why did the car breakdown?
  • Are you in a safe place?
  • Where are you at?
  • What where you doing?
  • Can you fix it? If not who can?
  • Do you need parts.
  • Are you close to a parts a store?
  • Is the parts store open?

These are some very importent things you have to figure out. And having a broke down car can be emotional, but it’s not the time to blow your top.

Getting back on the road effectively is nothing short of high emotional IQ.

Know they self

Know they self helps when getting lost in the woods. Which then translates into decision-making in business. I promised to tell my storys about my adventures in the country. So getting lost in the woods taught me about myself.
Today I went out scouting for squirrels. I walked up this massive hill to get to some oak trees. Squirrels love acorns that grow on oak trees. 

This was the first time I’ve been to this spot. While going up the hill I veered to the left because it’s easier to clime. Coming down the hill I decided to go straight down the hill. So I would know where to enter the woods in the morning and go straight up the hill to the oak trees. By going straight down I was lead to a Valley. 

First mistake: I looked over at the ridge on the other side of the valley. It was way to steep. I knew I should’ve turned around and when back up the hill. The valley lead me around a hill going south when I should’ve been going west.

Lesson: I should have trusted myself and sound thinking. I mean I knew I was right. But my internal compass or the way I felt I was going the right way.

Second mistake: ofter walking a mile in the wrong direction I remembered I have a compass on my phone. I still went the wrong way because it looke and felt right. I knew better. I defied all sound advise from the compass, and don’t trust myself.

I justified what felt right because as a young man I rarely got lost. I knew it all… I was taking you all on something I knew inside and out. 

The moral of the story is: I should of trusted myself, and emotions will sometimes lead me wrong.

Sad and blue

Deep down I’m blue, and filled with contempt for what I can’t break through. 
For that reason I’m held in contempt.

But I’m Up and down all the time with the slid of the hand I’m dealt. 
No one cared how it felt. But It’s The dealers pain they deliver.

Amazingly I pull through all because of some of you. 

So I work hard to deliver. For now it’s all I can figure. 

 I have hopes of peace I feel I may never receive. 

This torture is more then deceit. But in the end we’ll all discover that nothing was undiscovered

We all will meet are maker with nothing to bear. Only the love we have to spare.

Growing up as an entrepreneur

 Growing up as an entrepreneur our work was never though. We often struggled. But with little we survived. For a small company we astound. 
There was up and there was downs. Trade shows ofter trade show we have found, best practices resulting in cash. Sale after sale we’ve found a path, to passion at last. 

Around the country we competed for cash, three time world champion at last. We smiled for the camera and they took down some notes. But the boost in sales it never last. 

It began and ended with us because we responsible for the rush. Are passion was true. To no boss we where accountable to.
But It was the dream. No room for lust or so it seemed.

Learning to swim in the deep end

My whole life I’ve learned to swim in the deep end. The first time I swam, my dad took me out on a dock on a lake and told me to jump with a little nudge. It was sink or swim. I chose to swim. 

I set out on my own at age 16. I made my own arrangements and moved out of state.

At age 17 I traveled doing rodeo things. I’m made my own arrangements.

I went into business not knowing much of anything. I got out before I sank, and swam away with social media cred’s.

In all these things it was sink or swim. I don’t understand how I can be sinking now. It’s because surviving isn’t left up to me. I should be working with plenty of cash in my pocket. 

Living by the rules we set for others

Leaders live by the rules they set for others. It’s part of being authentic and real. I for one, wouldn’t ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, and people respect that.


Politicians don’t have to live by the laws they set for us. Especially Hillary Clinton. She should be in prison by now. Politicians have a whole separate set of rules. They don’t have to take part in Obamacare. They can opt out of their own laws, that we have to abide by.

The Asshole Of America sets me up for poor living and working conditions, but lives by a different set of standards. Which are much high then the ones he forces on me. Just like some pantywaist politician. It’s cowardly, and he should be ashamed of his self. He forced  me to live seven years without pay. He makes me fight at every low paying side job, by taking advantage of buying poor people, and people’s feelings of inadequacy.

Strong leaders set the standard for their followers to live by. They are the chef example officer. Who should show use how to work, and how we should behave.

Leadership standards


I’m not weird I’m raising autism awareness

I’m not weird I’m raising autism awareness.

I have autism. I think and speak differently. Just like many autistic people do. I take things quite literally, and have a very high IQ. Just like many artistic people do. Which I have fun with.

I have a lot of fun because of my autism. Normal people act so emotional, are barely literal. Add literal to a emotional conversation and things become humorous.

I see things differently. I can almost always see the good that come with a bad situation, or at lest all the possibilities. I’ve survived so well in these bad situation because there are always good situations within them.

Autism Awareness

I’m not weird, and neither are you because you’er autistic. We can do amazing things that normal people cannot. Many people who are referred to as geniuses and have made great contributions to this world have autism. All we need is an understanding environment to work in.

If you think you or a loved one has autism Click here for support. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was much older and struggled my whole life. I don’t want anyone to live life without knowing why thing are the way they are. It’s very in important to me we raise autism awareness

Autism Awareness

For a better understanding of autism Tampa grande has great Quotes that will help you understand more.

“Social thinking skills must be directly taught to children and adults with ASD. Doing so opens doors of social understandings in all areas of life.” – Temple Grandin